Friday, September 14, 2012

Tutorial: How to cover an Art Matte with Book Pages

This is my first tutorial, so thanks in advance for any advise.
I had a piece of art in my living room that I really like but the matte has a blush hue and the image has a warmer yellowish hue. They just don't really go together but I love the bead trim on the inside of the matte. I was going to try to find a different image, but then found ideas on Pinterest to use book pages to cover the frame. None of the pins I found had a tutorial so I thought I would try my hand at making one.
I went to my fave thrift store and searched for old books. I was really excited to find one in french! The book itself isn't that old but the pages have the color I wanted.

This is the finished product. It is hard to see the true color, but the book pages are a warm color that accents the image.
My matte has the bead trim attached, I just trimmed around it instead of trying to take it apart. For a regular matte you could wrap the pages around the inside of the frame. I would try not to over lap the pages too much and at the inside corners, trim the overlapping excess before wrapping.
A side by side of the before and after!
Here is the original piece with a blush color matte.

Used a knife to remove the paper backing
Supplies; A book, this one is written in French. Mod Podge, Paper Trimmer, (pictured below) Paper plate and brush.
I played around with the paper placement. I thought about a cross hatch design, I would have cut off the side borders of the pages before adhering them. This would have been a more free form placement, I still want to try it.
I decided on a single file design with top and bottom borders trimmed off and centered so that I could trim the inside border evenly all at once.
As seen above, I trimmed the top and bottom borders off. I could have trimmed the inside border off also, but would have had to glue them on perfectly straight. Thought it best to trim around the inside trim. On a regular matte you would need to keep the border and wrap it around the inside of the matte then clip the excess at the corners.
Before I put the pages down, I painted mod podge along the straight areas avoiding the corners so I could miter cut them without leaving a double thickness of paper. As I laid out the pages I over lapped them at the corners as you can see two pix above where I had glued down the pages and started trimming the inside.

Lift up the corner pieces and paint the matte with mod podge to set them.
Trim off the border all around the matte, no need to wrap the outer edge. Carefully paint the whole matte surface with mod podge. Let dry completely and apply one more coat at least. After drying overnight, replace in frame. Tada!

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