Friday, October 19, 2012

ST. JOHN KNITS that I am so excited to have acquired!

Oh Happy Day!!!

I hit a St. John Wonderland last night and must share!

I have a thrift store in my town that I consistently find great things. The ladies who donate there buy and wear some really wonderful designer brands. It is my every Tuesday morning stop.
Well, starting last year they they decided to have a once a year sale where showcase all their best items. I go for the designer clothing. Last year I found arm loads of St. John and spent $650 on it. This year I bought even more, way, way more....
I really need to remember that with Ebay fees rising and postage getting ridiculous, I need to weigh the costs. Literally, St. John santana knits weigh A Lot. Anyway, I have some work to do. I plan to get these items listed this week and since I have the pics, thought I would share them with you and my excitement too. So pop on over to my listing and see what treasures you can't live without.

The lighting was not very desirable today so I didn't photograph all that I bought.

This Royal blue/ purple St. John Black Label outfit is one of my favorites. I just couldn't get the color to show up correctly on my camera. It is a royal blue with purple in it. More blue than purple, but a very vibrant and elegant color. The ruffles on the long duster jacket are silk and add such a feminine touch! There are matching pants and a lightweight moc turtleneck to complete the set. Size 14

This size 14 St. John Black label 3 piece suit is a gorgeous bright tweed! Navy with a plain navy shell and fitted jacket over it. 3 button jacket and he skirt is a flattering no waistband slightly A-line style. Looks much better worn by a fabulous woman than hanging on my size 4 bodyform. It is really had to get the shape to show up. Check my auctions, I will be listing this soon!

I love this skirt! It is St. John Collection in ivory santana knit covered in mini brass pallette studs. I have it over a light gold dress that I am also listing for sale. I think this skirt would be perfect with a gold blouse, shimmer nylons and gold shoes for any special occasion!

Love this Gucci Scarf. Great geometric shapes in brown, black and white. A wardrobe staple that will never go out of style!

St. John Essentials Long Hooded Duster Jacket with one button closure. Nice wide rib. Can be dressed up or down. Size 14. Don't miss this fabulous addition to any modern gals wardrobe!

Now, for the

pièce de résistance!

This is a ST. JOHN CAVIAR long coat. Last year at this same sale I found a coat almost exactly like this but it was St. John Collection and when I did my research I only found the Caviar coat still for sale, it was much more expensive and now I have one. New with extra snap tag. Size 14

What do you think? Have you ever worn St. John? The quality is unparalleled.

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