Friday, December 7, 2012

Book Page Rosette Topiary on Candle Stick and Pomander

Book Page Roses Topiary and Pomander

I have been looking for a way to use my big pewter candlestick. My husband bought me a set of candles, they both had glass hurricane globes on them. Nice thin glass that does not hold up to balls being thrown in the house. Yes, there was a big crash and two boys pointing at each other. :)  Oh well, life goes on.

My other candle stick with globe.

So, you go to Pinterest for ideas on how to use that topless candle stick. Thanks to this pin from Tricia at Tossmeaparty I headed to the dollar store for a big globe ornament for $1 instead of the same size styrafoam   ball for $10! Also a box of smaller ornaments to make the little pomanders.

These are my supplies; an old book, scissors, globe and hot glue gun. 

Glue the paper roses around the bulb of the globe. Click here for a tutorial on making Paper Roses.
If you want to use it as a topiary, you can remove the hanger from the bulb leaving a hole to stick on the nail of a candlestick or you can glue a golf tee to the candle stick top for the topiary to sit on. See the post here at tossmeaparty. If you will hang it as a pomander, save the loop on the bulb to tie a string to.

Work your way around the globe, if bits of the globe show through, it will be glittered and look great. If you have spots that are two big, make a smaller rose to fill it in.

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I know what you are thinking and yes, I do plan to redo my fireplace. I'm going to build a nice mantle and maybe paint the rock. I've been pinning lots of ideas here.

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