Friday, November 23, 2012

How to make Paper Rose Flowers

How to make Paper Rose Flowers

You will need paper, whether it is old book pages like I used here or scrapbook paper or sheet music. These rosettes are perfect for so many projects. I hot glued them to ball globe to make a topiary, used them with little birds under a glass cloche and taped them to a gift as the bow.

 First you cut a circle out the the paper you are using. Starting where ever you choose, start cutting a spiral from the outside in. If you want, take a pen and draw a spiral starting in the middle and working your way out. 

Then starting at the outside, start curling the paper, roll it up. I hold the top and bottom with my right hand and use my left hand to spin the rolled up section twirling the paper until you reach the middle of the spiral. 

Once you get it rolled up. set it down, it will start to spin and loosen up. I usually hold one finger on the top, to keep it together and use my other hand to kind of cup it to keep it from getting too big. I tap the top to make sure it is done spinning, then carefully lift it, put a generous dollap of hot glue on the middle circle and press it down making sure all the pieces are in place. You can trim the outside edges to even it up if need be.

Once they cool they are ready to use.
There is an advantage to drawing the spiral, the edges are lined and it adds character to the flowers. You can make these out of solid colors, glue to stems and make a paper flower bouquet. There are lots of uses for these pretty little flowers!

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