Friday, January 18, 2013

Cleaning out the Closet once and for all! Well, 'til spring or fall...

We tend to accumulate lots of extra clothing that distracts us from what there is to wear. Don't we all feel that we have 'nothing to wear' from time to time?  Well twice a year or at least every couple of years we need to clean out the closet and take stock of what we really have. It is best to do this twice a year. 
When I clean out my closet, I take a day, get everything out of my closet, within reason and get rid of what I didn't wear over the winter or summer depending on the current season. 
First, if you are going say, from winter to spring, I pack up what I did wear over winter and get out my spring/summer clothes. 
For the items that are a bit too small, (but I plan to get into before that season is past), I think an under the bed bin is good. I want to be able to pull it out and check to see what fits when I do get on program. :)

I read an article in a fashion magazine a few years ago about how to clean out your closet and always have just the clothes you wear at your fingertips, I can list the rules.

1.Take everything out and pile it on the bed or where ever.

2. Put on your shaper or whatever you where under dressy items to try on what you haven't been wearing.

3. As you go through each piece, one by one, as yourself three questions. 

  • Do I wear this? 
  • Do I love it? 
  • Do I need it?

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Party Cheese Tortas; Pesto, Cheddar, Pineapple

Isn't it great to have a signature dish? One that is easy to make and you also love. Mine is primarily the Pesto Torta. It is nice to have a couple other cheese spreads. I will give you my base recipe and the variations that I have tried.


Pesto Cheese Torta (or a variation from below)

Friday, January 4, 2013

You Are My Sunshine Lyrics Wall Art (Subway Art)

'You Are My Sunshine', My mother was looking for some wall art with the lyrics to this song.  

A few years ago she started traveling back to her family reunions every couple of years. At the reunion the whole family sings this song together.
She found a similar sign in a catalog, but what fun is ordering one online when you can make one?... 

Hmmm, well, it sounded fun before I started. This was a challenge, but, I actually did enjoy it and would make another one if I were so inspired.  :)