Friday, January 4, 2013

You Are My Sunshine Lyrics Wall Art (Subway Art)

'You Are My Sunshine', My mother was looking for some wall art with the lyrics to this song.  

A few years ago she started traveling back to her family reunions every couple of years. At the reunion the whole family sings this song together.
She found a similar sign in a catalog, but what fun is ordering one online when you can make one?... 

Hmmm, well, it sounded fun before I started. This was a challenge, but, I actually did enjoy it and would make another one if I were so inspired.  :)

I'm into doing things the easiest way possible, so I looked for a board the first place I went to. This one happened to be 22 x 36". I spray painted it with primer, then Ivory Satin by Krylon. 

Then I went to Pinterest looking for a tutorial on making Subway Art. There are many, but I couldn't find one that outlined just how to layout the lettering. I'll show you how I did it and you can let me know if you have a better way. 

I will tell you how I should have done it, since I learned a lot by trying it out somewhat blindly. When I make another, I will be able to space it correctly.

Measure the surface space minus where the frame will cover. This gave me 21 x 35. I wrote the lyrics out in a 'column' how I thought they would look best. I then counted the letters and spaces in each row. The rows with the lowest count can have the largest letters and the most letters means a small size to fit in the 21" width. I chose my cut sizes, which came to 25" of length space, then saw that all the rows with a letter that has a tail, like the letters 'g' or 'y' take up more space lengthwise. So I added up the actual size that the lettering would take up added it and got 28.5".  Then counted the spaces between my rows including space at the top and bottom. There are 12 spaces. I had 35" on the board, 28.5" would be taken up with lettering, that left me 6.5" which I divided by 12 and got just over .5 inches to measure between rows.

I then found the middle of the board and made a line down the center. I measured up 1.75" from the bottom since the frame covers 1/2" and the tail of the y's are 3/4" and I wanted to leave a 1/2" between the letters and the frame. 
I made marks on each side of the board and drew a pencil line across to put my letters on. I counted across to find my middle letter in each row and measured the cut letters to see how far from the middle my first letter needed to be. I placed the letters individually since my transfer paper wasn't picking the letters up and I wanted to get it done. I was surprised at how straight I was able to place them with the pencil line there and space them with the same spacing they were cut out with. With each new line, I checked my 'cut size' column and 'actual cut' size if there was a tail on a letter in the row above adding the tail measurement and added 1/2" to make my next pencil line. 
It is amazing what you can do with a pencil and a yard stick!

The letters I cut out with a Cricut Machine and Cricut Vinyl. I used the lettering for this project but kept the negative to use as a stencil if I make another one.
The frame was a bulletin board I found at a thrift shop, it was much bigger than it looks, it was about 48 x 36". I took out the cork and my husband cut it to size with his Miter Saw. I was able to leave two corners in-tact and staple / glue the other two corners re-using the metal wall hangers it came with. 

I painted the frame before I attached it to the sign, I sanded it, sprayed it with Krylon primer then with the same Krylon Ivory Satin as the board. I don't know if it was the end of the can or the fact that it was so cold outside when I sprayed it, but the second coat of Ivory Satin began to crackle on the frame. Thankfully it looks good, gives it a vintage feel.

 This pic is the sign in my house, it is now hanging at my Moms. She loves it and I will try to remember to take a pic at her house and update this post with it.

And now on to finding ways to use my big cork board! Any ideas?

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Anonymous said...

I would have LOVED to have this in my kids nursery. Very nice job.